2 stocks of each one of the 5 favorite categories for investors.

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The TOP10 that we present for 2022 does not have the same methodology used for our Monthly DATATISTIC TOP5 since we are going to select 2 stocks for 5 categories that we think are of great interest to investors. This contrasts with the methodology that we use in our monthly Top 5 (part of our Patreon content) where we give much more importance exclusively to the results produced by our algorithms.

In an environment of high uncertainty with the relative valuations going through the roof and the inflation data generating a headache for the world’s central banks, it will be very important that the risk assumed in each stock that one decides to buy is adjusted at an equivalent weight within the portfolio (portfolio sizing). Surely with the exception of IPOs, most of these names will not be on the radar of our investors, but remember that the company that makes the most noise in social media is not always the winning horse. Each stock comes with its respective quantitative analysis and target price.

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